"modern, colourful and easy to access"

My name is Maura Lane and I help organise the Irish Branch of HOPI (Hands off the People of Iran). The group wished to update our site and keep people informed of HOPI’s news and activities. I wanted to revamp the website so that it could be easily updated by non-IT activists. Because we were under pressure to launch the revised site, I contacted Mark for assistance.

Mark was very prompt in re-building the website structure to our needs and he was also a very proactive consultant suggesting ideas to the design and layout of our content.

Mark revamped the website making it look modern, colourful and easy to access and it was completed with incredible speed. If I had any queries or questions on the site or building the website, Mark was accessible for advice at all times of the day. I have also noted with the re-design of our website by Mark that the number of visitors has increased to our website.  There is no doubt that this is due to Mark’s ability and input.

It was a pleasure dealing with Mark and I have recommended his work to others and will do so again in future without hesitation.

Maura Lane