Robin Hood Tax - Ireland

Robin Hood Tax - Ireland -

Robin Hood Tax: How it Works - It's quite simple: if someone makes a financial transaction in a business manner (such as speculating on shares or currencies) the tax payer takes back 0.05% as a "Robin Hood" fee. This money is then used to help the poor, set up social systems, and fight climate change - in Ireland and abroad.

A Design For Life initially created this website for this fledgling campaign, adding in a timeline, some social media integration, a login system for admins to add blog posts, events, galleries, supporters pages, etc. Once this phase was complete, we then created a Drupal theme for the website based on the theme for the the Robin Hood Tax (UK) campaign. By partnering with, the site has been responsible for over 50,000 emails sent to Irish politicians, campaigning for a "RHT" in Ireland.