Ireland Reaching Out

Ireland Reaching Out -

By working parish-by-parish across Ireland, Ireland XO seeks to identify and invite home all our Diaspora, wherever they may be found across the world.

Creating a social platform for Ireland Reaching Out was a great challenge for the A Design For Life team. The original site was created using Drupal with Organic Groups. We converted it from that in to a Drupal Commons powered website to take full advantage of all the inbuilt features of "Commons" platform, garnering a blog post from Acquia themselves along the way. The site is rich with content and functionality, including a presence for every parish in Ireland (yes, over 2,500 groups), so that parish admins can post news, events, galleries, places of interest, history pages, club and groups, townlands, genealogical records, and more.

The look of the website was closely studied to ensure that it tied in with all marketing collateral from Ireland XO, as well as ensuring full social media integration, a page "forwarding" system, a Facebook-style "wall" (unreleased in the final version), and CiviCRM integration to allow the company to manage mailing lists (and more) without much overheads.