Flamewood Energy Ltd.

Flamewood Energy Ltd. website built using Drupal Content Management System

Cllr Jimmy McClearn got in contact with us a while back to discuss a website for his new business - selling/installing/maintaining wood pellet and solid fuel burners. We love to work with progressive companies that not only want to help save people money, but wish to do so in a sustainable manner through ethical enterprise.

We used the Drupal Content Management System (CMS) to build the website, add social media integration, a secure anti-spam contact form, as well as an elegant site map in the footer with contact information available on every page. All aspects of the site were designed with the pre-approved marketing collatoral supplied by the Flamewood Folks in mind.

What we have achieved is a small, elegant, easily-navigable website, built with Drupal, and ready to scale to the heights that this company is capable of reaching.