Copy Writing

In Transition by Mark Conroy - copy writing galwayIt’s all well and good to have great designers and top quality printing presses as part of your marketing arsenal, but what if what you want to say is not up to your high standards? What if there is a comma where there is supposed to be an apostrophe, a colon where there’s supposed to be a semi-colon, or an interrobang where a simple exclamation mark will do?

That’s where we come in. A Design for Life provides a full copy writing, editing, and proof-reading service, English Examination Papers introductions by Mark Conroy - copy writing galwayall done by graduates with, at least, Master’s degrees if not more. All done by graduates who like to play games such as pin the apostrophe on the donkey, who read Derrida’s Of Grammatology for fun, and who look at the world as if it was all one big full stop.

Whether you want your business card proof-read, your website content edited, or a full article (or more) written, A Design for Life can meet your needs in a cost-efficient, timely manner.

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